Ctibor Soukup

bass guitar, vocals

I started playing music when I was 8 when my parents enrolled me in LŠU for piano. But at 13 I was fascinated by the guitar, which I learned to play on my own. When I joined the first band in elementary school, I was left with the position of bass player.

Because my parents supported me and cheered for the music, my first bass guitar, "Jolana Vicomt", was bought and it was decided. I became a bass player in body and soul.

In high school, I started playing with various rock bands, such as PROMILE, CONTURY, etc. Sometimes I stopped at a bar instead of professional musicians, and that determined my professional life. Although I studied at the University of Mechanical Engineering in Brno, I also passed professional exams for singing and bass playing. I packed up the school and started playing professionally in bars all over the then Czechoslovakia.

In 1983, I was called up for basic military service in Spišská Nová Ves in Eastern Slovakia. I did not hesitate and founded the band MOSTÁR. We even won a nationwide military band competition :-D.

After returning to civilian life, I made a living as a bar musician. It's not worth naming all the bands I've been through, except for the Hollywood band I started with three friends in 1990. Since we were chosen by an Austrian agent, we started playing at various bars and discos all over Europe.

We met the world manager from Germany, Mr. Wotzny, and made it to a concert German band with their own work, which was popular mainly in the Westphalia region and around Hamburg.

After 2006, the band disbanded. But I persevered, I recruited new members and we played until 2018. I haven't played since and I thought I wouldn't play anymore.

But fate wanted it, long story short, despite a friend's friend wanted to know my professional opinion of the band he is interested in and that they do not have a bass player…

I didn't take it seriously, of course, but I was curious, so I went. And it was "painted" and I stayed and the complete band Mean Daddies was born!

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