Roman Lauš

singing, guitar

I'm the frontman of the band MEAN DADDIES. I was born in the year when the band AC/DC toured the world with a concert tour. The song "Highway to Hell" sounded every radio. It was 1979.

Fifteen years later (and countless evenings spent with Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, etc.) I was ready to start my own band. And so the amateur duo THE KOKINS was formed, which we put together with a friend from high school.

In another 15 years, life brought me back to guitar. I composed the first Treason demo, the basis of the MEAN DADDIES group.

Luckily, music cannot be interpreted the same for everyone. I would like our listeners to feel both grunge and harmonic melody in our music at the same time.

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