Tomáš Vaněk

guitar, synt. guitar

I am the first Aquarius of 1978. This is a success in itself :-). In addition, I co-founded the Ostrava band ORIGINAL SIN, and played in it for 18 years.

However, it was Petr Vitásek who was the first to enrich my life with the sound of guitar strings.

Like Roman, I draw most of the inspiration from the grunge subculture of the 90's.

When ORIGINAL SIN fell apart, I did not give up hope of experiencing more musical adventures. After 2 years of searching, I found Roman, and it was resolved.

Since 2021, I have been incorporating a guitar synthesizer into my gear, which has become a supporting element of our composing ambitions. Unlike bands using samples, this electronic essence is completely alive (produced in real time), leaving the almost purstically-all-lamp character of our game expression intact.

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